Investing in advertising, on Investo Magazine means to call on a public with a meidium-high purchasing power that usually leads a life style connected to luxury and high quality, that loves travelling, that owns a marked aesthetic sense and that is used to create trends.


Through the Commercial Advertising, companies offer their products and services to the consumers. Investo Magazine offers to its customers a strategic positioning for the refererring sector, to allow a better impact on the page and consequently a higher storage of the advertising. For this goal, our Marketing department, together with our graphics department, can help the customer to study positions, initiatives and special products to get the maximum effectiveness from the investment. More over the reader that sees the advertising on the magazine, can find it also on the web site, in PDF format and in the browsable magazine.


In addition to the traditional advertising, we suggest to investors also other modalities of commercial communication:

  • Presence within “special”, it means editorial products concerning particular topics, which are published for events of national importance ( Cars Exhibition, Fashin Fairs, Cosmetics Fairs, big Sports events, International Books exhibition and so on).
    The promotional presence in a context that is akin to the customer, is a great opportunity to support the “brand awareness”.
  • Advertorial Spaces, allow a wide description of the company, of the product and of the service, advertised in an editorial context that allows to give detaild informations, that can not be transferred just with the tabular advertising.
  • Fake cover, on the entire printing head or on a printing limited to some local editions in the distribution zone, to obtain the maximum result also in the tactic campaigns.
  • Monografici, it’s the exclusive purchase of all the advertising positions of the review in a specific date.

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