«Don’t shut yourself off: Tackle the crisis with the team»

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We do nothing that talking about the economic crisis. Nowadays we all talk about the crisis: on tv, in the newspaper, in a bar.


Managers, entrepreneurs, freelance professionals are forced to live in a scenario full of tensions and difficulties, as if their talents and personal attitudes were set to zero by inactivity together with fear of the future.


In order to understand how to overcome this tough times  we are going through, we talked to a  professional who helps to improve people’s life and to reach their goals.


Founder and president of Ekis, Livio Sbargi, from Turin, 47-years old, has been  a Mental Coach for over twenty years and he is involved in developing optimum performances in different professional , personal and sport sectors. Livio worked and he is still working with multinationals, managers and entrepreneurs, besides working with professionals athletes and sport teams at an international level.


“In recent years – says – I have been increasingly paying attention to something that could seem less important: I am talking about the physiological reaction in people, to their mental attitude which inevitably turns into behaviors. We have to start from here, regardless  our profession”.


How does a businessmen live with the fear of closing his/her company and with the concern of  having to lay off many people?


“We need to be clear and honest with our staff and employees. My advice as a coach is not to shut yourself off and thinking of resolving the crisis in solitude. It is time to team up, to ask the group to find realistic ideas and plans to reduce costs. I repeat : do not whip over it and get down to work all together”.


How can a manager, maybe not too young anymore, keep feeling to be the right person at the right place, despite the feeling of being undermined by the speed of technological innovation?


“A professional can afford not to be up-to-date with all the new technologies,  but he has to be always up-to-date with skills and leadership on people. It is not that important how to use WhatsApp and Facebook like a twenty year old boy: it is enough to know the basis and benefits. Then we will instruct someone else to use it for us”.





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