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Held at the Chamber of Commerce a seminar on how to enhance business innovation


On November 5th, the Chamber of Commerce of Turin held the seminar “The innovative Start-up: assets appreciation between corporate venture capital and protection of Intellectual Property”, organized by the Industry Technological Innovation Department of the Chamber and addressed to entrepreneurs and private investors.

Focus of the afternoon the legal instruments and opportunities that our system offers to enhance the innovation of Start. The table of discussion was opened by the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Alessandro Barberis, by myself and the lawyers Paolo Bianco and Antonella Musy, partners of Studio Musy Bianco e Associates, lawyer Alberto Camusso partner of Studio Jacobacci and professor Marco Cantamessa, President of the Incubator I3p of the Politecnico.

Starting point of the seminar, strategies to maximize the value of innovation in Startups and meet the need of enterprises to enhance the company’s assets in terms of human capital and intellectual property.

With the speakers – each with their own skills – we have dealt with company policies aimed to draw economic value from innovation through corporate venture capital, intended as acquisitions or transfers of technology assets, Research & Development partnership, safeguard of intellectual propriety and exploitation of skilled personnel through incentive systems.

The background discussion was about the Innovative Startups regulation issued a year ago with the aim of contributing to the development of a new entrepreneurial culture, to create a more favorable ground for innovation, to promote greater social mobility and networking policies, to attract talents in Italy and capitals from abroad.

The regulation encourages, with some facilitation, Startups conducting an innovative business in terms of ownership of intellectual property and significant investments in Research & Development or the employment of personnel from research; therefore, Startups need to plan business strategies to develop and manage innovations in their own business in order to benefit from the above mentioned Law. From this perspective, company policies become of a strategic importance both when focused on corporate venture capital (acquisitions or transfers (spin-off) of technologic assets, the involvement of skilled personnel) and when based on R & D partnerships with outside partners, as incubators and business accelerator. This is the case of the Incubator I3p of the Politecnico that, as explained by professor Cantamessa, guarantees a high qualified support for the development and continuous appreciation of company innovations in Startups.

The seminar practical approach has been set out by the speakers professional experiences (Mister Bianco as lawyer in commercial and corporate law, Mister Musy as lawyer in labor law and Mister Camusso lawyer in intellectual property law) has provided a privileged point of view that was able to identify the risks and needs that companies are facing while planning their business as startups.

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