“Luxury properties are back on the market. And Italy opens its family album”

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Looking for luxury apartments in big Italian cities is like putting together all the best our country can offer, both as natural beauties and investments in bricks and mortar: it is like fascinating journey, full of charm and breathtaking views.
This is precisely the trend of the first part of 2014: in a sector where sales are still facing a contraction in demand (diminishing the supply), things at “high level” – intended as prices as square meters – are much better. In this case the demand is even higher than the supply. Such a rare thing, made of wide open spaces, prestigious streets and central areas. From Rome to Milan, from Turin to Florence and Naples: to go through all these possibilities is like looking at your family album. Inside only the best of the best, all the good and all the bad our country can offer. This is confirmed by a recent survey conducted by a website dedicated to sales in real estate, Casa.it: the survey put down to paper figures, performances and offers in great demand.
Generally speaking, the pole to vault the credit crunch and the domestic economic crises has been guaranteed by the market trend to those who have a lot of money to invest: the drop in per-square-meter prices, the stretching of contract negotiations and closing of a deal have generated very good deals for whose are able to seize these opportunities. Maybe those deals are not that cheap but they have an absolute value higher than the signature before writing the cheque. And a tour among the best places in Italy can only start from the capital city. The Eternal City ranks first in real estate sales. If luxury properties have lost in a year approximately 3.6% of its value, we cannot miss prestigious area like via Barberini, or piazza di Spagna (a kind of open-air square). And then piazza Navona, via Condotti or piazza del Popolo. These family jewels keep arousing interest and they have a per-square-meter price around 20.500 and 19.000 Euro, depending on whether or not the property needs to be renovated. We are dealing with significant figures but also with unique and profitable business transactions.
The city of Milan, which is the Italian business capital, is less “full of history” but it is, however, guardian of unexpected beauties. In Milan luxury properties are located in area like corso Magenta, corso Garibaldi, and San Babila, Madonnina or Solferino, just to name a few. In these areas the price per square meter is about 8450 Euro.
Turin is more discreet and less glamour but equally full of atmosphere and rooted in national history. Also “in the shadow of the Mole” the luxury real estate market is showing an interesting trend compared to the past. And talking about “in the shadow of the Mole” also means that the more desired “hauls” are collected in the area that goes from piazza Cavour and piazzetta Maria Teresa to piazza Vittorio Veneto, skimming the Lungo Po and then it goes over to the other side of the Po river up to the Gran Madre area, at the bottom of the hill. This area is considered to be the true traditional Savoy luxury.
From one Italian capital to another, Florence cannot be left out from the national beauty tour : in Florence history has left its tangible signs. Style, pleasant atmosphere, architectural and natural wonders: you can find all these, in these first months of 2014, in areas like Bellosguardo, Fiesole and Pian dei Giullari.
Last but not least, the South: the warmest and more fascinating
soul of our peninsula. Naples has been literally worshiped by the movie and music businesses and from many artists. The Vesuvius in the background guaranties a touch of charm to some of the most fascinating and interesting area of the Neapolitan metropolis. You get quite an eyeful just going towards the hill of Posillipo (besides spending a lot of money) where the average price per square meter is between 10.000 to 11.000 Euro. No less expensive are the area of piazza del Gesù and Santa Chiara, as well as Chiaia, Caracciolo and Sauro.

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