Our body is the soul’s glove

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Our body “talks” to us. It is the messenger of our soul. Through external behaviors, we transmit our feelings. Body language goes beyond words and it does not pretend.

To understand human being through gesture and movements is an amazing job. Fighting aversion to exercise is the goal of those who pursue the balance between mind and body. Exercising, changing your posture, influences even your inner self, helps to change the way we feel about ourselves and what is around us.

Learning to breathe properly and relaxing with some workout will help us to understand our body. But that’s not all. Because listening to your body make us better understand ourselves after all.

Michela Calandretti

The life of an individual is the life of his body. Because the living body includes mind, spirit and soul, to live your body life means to live a mental, spiritual and sentimental life at its fullest. If these aspects of our nature are inadequate, it is because we do not live entirely within or with our body.

Alexander Lowen “Bioenergy”

A survey on the body expression. The person turns the emotions (or lack of emotions) into psychosomatic disorders. This dynamic may provide a way to understand – for example – the raison why some people are lazy and overwhelmed by inactivity.

Exercising is extremely important in everybody’s life; moving and restoring our body make us feel better.

Just start!

We are our body

Our body is the soul’s glove, its language, the word of the heart. Every emotion is express through our body. What we call “body expression” originates from a spiritual journey.

Some physical behaviors may result from an alteration of the body. These changes – which originates from motor and postural patterns and neuromuscular imbalance – may diminish or disappear thanks to the sole natural forces in a developing body, especially if properly stimulated. Morphological modifications may be caused – in part – by some changes in the child normal habits: when going to school for the first time or living in a dysfunctional family (separated parents, aggressive or too busy at work) the child may become shy and insecure. A condition that could remain hidden. Raising a child to exercise habits and healthy eating will help them to overcome inner self related issues.


Being able to free themselves from physical behaviors influenced by life habits, will encourage the discovery of a new energy and a different perception of the body.

Bioenergetics is a healing technique that combines body therapy and spoken psychotherapy. A fundamental thesis of bioenergetics is that body and mind are functionally identical: our body reflects our thoughts, emotions, sensations, impulses and actions. Regular workout not only improves our physical health but it also has a positive impact on our mental health.

In everyday life our muscles are used at well below their maximal potential. This process weakens our body’s efficiency. The moment I make my life more comfortable, using all the tools that technology offers me, all I do is adjust my body to a minimum level of effort. A sedentary lifestyle prematurely weakens the body and accelerates the aging process and it is a high risk factor for the health of modern man, that we must fight ensuring our body a suitable workout program. Insufficient physical exercise could weaken the musculoskeletal system involving ligaments and joints. The first lose their contractile component, the latter are more easily to suffer from injuries. Vice versa, exercising stimulates the production of osteoblast, the bone matrix producing cells, which helps to faster recover from traumas.

When starting to workout, especially for those who have not been exercising for years, it is very important to move Gradually and Gentle, causing no tension and feeling what is happening in our body. The exercises should be performed preferably respecting physiological rhythms, especially paying attention to respiration.



Lateral decubitus:

right arm flexed to the ground, resting on the elbow without loading the right shoulder, but trying to find the balance through the abdomen, left arm outstretched with palm on the ground, set right leg perpendicular to the body, left leg stretched out sideways and placed on the chair.

By contracting the abdominal, stretch the leg toward the inside of the chair

Stabilizing muscles

To increase the difficulty, you will use a small ball, so you will get more work on all stabilizer muscles.


In quadrupedia with the right hand on the ball, left arm stretched out sideways, right leg stretched back, left leg bent to the ground.

Exhaling, bring the right knee and left hand toward the abdomen.

The organs retain their capacity to properly function only thanks to appropriate exercise. Those who will do so will enjoy good health, an harmonious growth and long youth.


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