Exercising during pregnancy

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Becoming a parent is an event that affects the development of the personality of the couple. It is a “evolutionary crisis” that involves both parents.When a baby is born, new problems arise for the organization of physical spaces and daily routine. Both mentally and emotionally, the couple must be prepared to live and unusual and involving experience: taking care of a new life. Both have now a new identity: being parents.Be ready to a huge change and be open to new natural experiences and to practical consequences (planning, timing) in order to prepare yourself to a stress and worries free existence (besides the inevitable ones); a natural transition that requires patience and sacrifices. From which, however, you could also have huge satisfactions for the new born who relies on us and to whom we have to give serenity and love.However, it is very important to follow the parents psychological and physical change: they cannot cancel their individuality playing exclusively the role of parent. It could be dangerous for their balance and therefore for the baby’s balance. From the physical point of view, this process begins before birth. It is important to prepare for the event through some workouts that nowadays allow women to deliver the baby for a greater chances of wellbeing for the mother and for the child.Exercising is fundamental during pregnancy, both for the mother and for the baby. Any kind of sport should be done in moderation: some prefers SWIMMING, with dedicated courses for future mothers, some prefers YOGA and some prefers FREE EXERCISES.Exercising, if done with moderation, improves blood circulation, water retention, breathing and it helps stimulate intestinal motility in case of constipation. In particular, the exercises of the perineum are useful both in anticipation of childbirth that after pregnancy.Weight control, greater efficiency of the respiratory system, oxygen transport to the fetus, less swelling, psychological and emotional benefits. These are some of the advantages that a correct exercising routine during pregnancy could benefit both mother and child.Pregnancy is a physiological condition. Thinking of a future mother as a woman in endless physical difficulty could be a mistake with negative consequences. A sedentary lifestyle is one of these. As a matter of fact, exercising during the 9-month pregnancy could also benefits some pathological pregnancies (e.g. gestational diabetes).The exercises are rather soft and they include relaxing and breathing methods.Body awareness exercises to improve posture, joints, stretching and strengthening the muscles.Targeted exercises: back pain due to bad posture in pregnancy, varicose vein, tachycardia.Breathing exercises in order to relax to benefit mother and child.A mother aware of her body and of its transformations during pregnancy lives at her fullest the experience of motherhood. She is an active individual, she is the protagonist of her pregnancy, lived as a positive experience. A perspective that has a positive effect on the body and on the mood.The goal of exercising is for the future mother to take full control of herself. The exercises will be carried out in a harmonious and relaxing way, as far as the body will feel them. Doing workout during pregnancy is like a discovery journey.It is chance to feel the natural changes occurring in the body over the 9-month of pregnancy.The body should get ready for labor. Women who exercise regularly could keep doing it in moderation.The rule of thumb is always to avoid violent activities.My advice is to exercise during pregnancy unless otherwise advised by the gynecologist

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