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It will take three days to throw light, at an international level, on a key sector of our economy: real estate. Works, projects, this is an unlimited sector that allows investors to multiply their initial investment. The Fieramilanocity will host once more and for the tenth time, at the end of next June (from 24th to 26th), The Expo Italia Real Estate (EIRE) that well represents this sector.
This event has become a tradition for this industry, as things have changed in the past ten years, not only in real estate but in the economy in general. And the ability to look at the all components of this industry has become more and more strategic. This is the reason why the 2014 underlying theme will be linked to something really up-to-date: the sustainable exploitation of the public real estate. Refurbishing will be the key word of the event: the event will host the best refurbishing projects that will launch, in all Italy, new pole of attractions in commercial, industrial and logistic areas. This project will be carried out in areas like retail, tourism, leisure, residential housing: they will give new life to real properties and dismantled areas.
Therefore, the focus is on the ability of refurbishing the already existing properties, without wasting resources and spaces. In the light of this program, Eire 2014 will give huge attention to housing especially in the light of the new “Piano Casa” implemented by the government. Youth and the ability to invent the future will also have a leading role in this fair. The real estate meeting-exhibition that, as usual, gathers together public administration, enterprises, banks and investors, pays special attention to universities: in cooperation with BNP Paribas RE, EIRE has promoted a contest among Italian students for the best urban refurbishing project. “The sector, which has suffered the severe effects of the crisis, continues to be the economic engine of the country – says the President of EIRE-Expo Italia Real Estate, Antonio Intiglietta -. I think it is essential to meet with businessmen, professionals and investors to get ready for the economic upturn. In this perspective, we will inform the real estate international market about all huge business opportunities in Italy. Italy is a country that, thanks to the brilliance of its people and thanks to its priceless real estate heritage, has unique resources”. The chosen topics and figures help to understand the Eire strategic importance in real estate: as far as the 2014 edition, tens of thousands of people are expected to come in Milan for the fair. As far as Italians involved in this sector, over 26.000 companies are expected to attend, representing at least 55.637 people. And from abroad 12.453 companies are expected to attend over the “3-day” event, for a total of 22.000 units of insiders. For the public administration: 12.453 units are expected representing the local institutions as Municipalities, Provinces and Regions. The event could attract the same number of insiders. “The Italian real estate heritage – continues Intiglietta – represents a huge opportunity represents an extraordinary opportunity to jump-start our great country’s economy. It is necessary to put into effect a process of enhancement of public and private real estate properties because, at the moment, they are not ready to meet the market requirements. Qualify the offer to give value to Italy is the purpose of Eire; Eire wants to gather all the insiders of the industry which can develop and invest on projects, properties and areas, and all the construction companies, real estate brokers, the professionals of urban planning, architectural and engineering, legal, development and commercial consultants, final clients and asset managers. This will be an unique opportunity to implement the process of competition between assets, models and owners, both public and private”. ““Taking on this new challenge means, first of all – says Eire’s host – to take advantage of experts and professionals who work on the local territories, regions and provinces.”

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