Dream Diamonds

| 2013 - Number 5
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In celebrating the legend of diamonds, the gorgeous Marylin Monroe used to sing back in 1949 “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. After over sixty years the best-known song from the movie “Gentlemen prefer blondes” needs an update. Yes, because nowadays diamonds have become above all men’s friends. Black diamonds are among the most loved gemstones used in men jewelry (of course not the only one…); mysterious and alluring, these black drops are perfect for high style jewelry. Men, right along with women, love jewelry: not just watches or accessories merely for men, but rings, necklaces and bracelets are now more stylish with black diamonds. This particular gem gives a dark tone full of appeal also in the most precious jewel. Together with high fashion designer cufflinks and with the most glamour creations, rings, necklaces and bracelets turn black for a unique and high-style look. Black diamond could seem like a contradiction in terms: if we think about a diamond, the first image it comes to mind is a white gem, shinny and brilliant and these are the characteristics we most love. On the other hand, a black diamond gives an appealing sense of mystery: the inclusions of the gem do not allow the light in, giving the typical black color. The goldsmith’s art has come to appreciate their appeal thanks to the creations of beautiful jewels, which are now famous, that paved the way for their use in high fashion jewelry. This applies especially to men jewelry that embodies a different fashion sense than women’s: beauty combines with strength rather than with grace and this is the reason why black diamonds are ideal for men jewelry. Moving away from the traditional shape, they are used in cufflink, which is the ultimate men accessory, or in skulls designed by Ralph Lauren or other designers, together with more complex or classic shapes. Black diamonds also shine on men rings or tennis bracelets: strings of small black diamonds for a touch of elegance suitable for both casual and formal looks. Pendants and necklaces are more masculine and elegant with black diamonds set on traditional shapes like crosses and they are of great impact on necklaces by Damiani, line Prestige. Damiani plays with the contrast between white gold and black diamonds to create elegant and glamorous jewels, from bracelets to necklaces. Black goes well with men’s fashion, that’s why you could find plenty of black diamonds jewelry in many brands collections: man and woman, black and white, it is always a pleasure to wear the king of gemstones.

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