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The graphic arts industry is going through an irreversible crisis . Who wants to continue to compete must activate services that allow enriching and interactive content of print & paper-based communication. Also, if on the one hand there is a reduction of investment in print advertising and promotion , on the other hand there is a certain stability in the communication regarding products and tpackaging. For this reason the graphics and print company Sud Spa has launched a packaging innovation through SmartLab , a company started with the aim of developing interactive labels , and to expand this concept to printed advertisements and editorials.

The innovation is called Stampatech , and has been designed to enable consumers and users access to a virtually unlimited number of actionable information from print: communication content can be added such as the origins of product to ensure traceability, making interactive communication, activating vouchers and competitions , but also video content and links to an e-shop . You can also change the contents of communication connected to the printed product , as many times as needed.

SmartLab is responsible for managing multimedia content and their integration with the print. The user must download the Linkz application available on AppleStore and GooglePlay and can then scan the packaging for access to additional content .

We asked Antony Calo, Commercial and R & D director of SmartLab:

Why StampaTech , when there are already tools for interaction such as QR Cod, RFID and NFC?

Firstly Stampatech does not require special costs or special tools to collect data unlike s RFID , but only a smartphone and a free downloadable APP . NFC technology , which is finding use in new systems of payment via Smartphone is not available for iphone , which accounts for about 50% of the market share of smartphones in the world. It also requires the application of batteries and circuits, which make paper products expensive and not -green , quite in contrast to the increasing focus on environmental issues – Qr codes is unsightly , take up space and lend themsleves to phishing attacks and viruses being easily replicable, so they are fundamentally insecure .

How should this opportunity be communicated by Branders that adopt it?

Can you use the same campaign in different media and with different printing technologies?

At SmartLab we firmly believe that the technology of Augmented Reality (AR), will quickly invade in store communication and especially communication on packaging , in addition to being able to make compellingly interactive books and catalogs . Currently it will be useful to explain the additional content with point of sales and advertising materia, as always when you introduce a new technology.

Once an image has been coded, it can be used on different devices and printed with different techniques while maintaining excellent functionality.

What kind of connection is necessary to consult the additional data?

It ‘just a 3G-4G connectio: Our systems is designed to optimize the consultation on smartphones even in the absence of Wi-Fi and a robust signal, with traditional AR systems in the absence of a high-level signal the effect can be disappointing, so we worked a lot on the quality of the interactive experience.

Often the Brander wants to become an APP owner so his clients can consult their communication, can you achieve this too?

We can do it but do not recommend it. It will be much more comfortable for the user to have a single app that allows access to additional information about N-shelf products, rather than having to download different apps depending on the brand you choose. In addition, our goal is not to develop a costly app that will only allow a few large Branders to be on the market, but to make our technology available on a large scale for all at low or no cost….

STAMPATECH Print To Mobile

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