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Claudio Cecchetto is the Italian talent-scout par excellence. If you check the page of any Italian artists which have been having success for almost twenty years, you will find out that he/she has been discovered by him, Claudio Cecchetto. Here some examples: Gerry Scotti, Jovanotti, Fiorello, Amadeus, Marco Baldini, the 883, Sabrina Salerno, Nikki, the B-nario, Albertino, Linus, Sandy Marton, Tracy Spencer, Kay Rush, Luca Laurenti, Marco Mazzoli, Daniele Bossari, Paola and Chiara, Fabio Volo, Leonardo Pieraccioni, Dj Francesco, Finley. An impressive red carpet of great relevance.

The explosive “Gioca Jouer” probably anticipated the fact he was so ahead of time:  it is a group dance translated in French, English, Spanish, German, Chinese and it is still popular and it has been danced and sung by generations.


What does it mean investment in music?

“Investment is anything that can make money. It does not make any difference to invest  in an invention or in music. In recent years, however, investment in music has changed. We cannot afford to invest in music as such, because nowadays a song or a record do not make the difference anymore and they do not make any profits. The record market has dropped by 90% and we need to invest in something else. To invest in music means to invest in merchandising and in showbiz. I have always thought so and I have always betted on it. Just like I have always betted on the personality and not on the voice. A good voice does not fill the arenas anymore. There was a time where you could invest in a song, it is just not like that anymore. If I, with my artists, would have invested or believed only in their voices, do you think they would have become so famous?
What is the difference between having the lucky of scouting a talented person and make him/her the talent?

“Luck is part of life, but the sensibility and the talent of the listener make the difference when meeting a talented person. Do you think I was the first one to meet the talented artists I discovered?”
Deejay Television has brought out incredible talents. What was it like to grow so many talents together?

“It was difficult but also very interesting. It is like asking Leonardo Da Vinci if it was difficult to paint. To have all the talents in a single gang, in a single space and lab where they were living together, contaminating each other with their talent has been the key to my success. They all grew up as a person, giving added value to their exchange. Deejay Television has been an artistic lab, but then there was me with my suggestions and ticking-off. Times have changed and now the artist financial aspect is being looked after by more managers than before. I have always looked after their artistic work. My examples of talent have contaminated each other. And if you should meet them together, they give you an unique show because they cooperate together; because they know each other very well and they help each other, they are able to complement each other and therefore they do not cancel one another”.


Is it possible to make a wrong investment?

“Yes for sure. It is important to realize you made a mistake as soon as possible in order not to waste too many energies and concentrate on something else”.

Today’s Tv is constantly bringing out new talents, often shooting stars  that are not able to emerge and to grow

Today’s tv constantly brings out talents, often they are meteors which are not able to emerge and grow.

“I think impatience is an handicap for an artist. Everybody wants “to have all at once”, without the patience to wait and grow. But if you do not grow, you do not have talent. On the other hand, young people today have many more distractions and so it is much more difficult for them to concentrate on their passions”.

Any advice?

“My advice is really simple and honest: try to find out what your passion is and invest in it”.

You are the father of two boys. What is your advice for them?

I think that if Leonardo Da Vinci would have had adolescent children, they would have told him that he does not understand a thing. As a father, I do not interfere too much, I think it’s important to have this kind of approach when representing such an cumbrous fatherhood. If they do not know what do to, I tell them that I realize what I wanted to do in my life when I was twenty years old, not to worry about“.

You are always working really hard, on what are you investing right now?

“Right now I am concentrating on a music talent show. It is a different talent show. All other talent show concentrate on the voice, while I present a formula where the voice will count in the end. First is the posture, the attitude. All factors that catch you off-guard. When presenting my project I say that I don’t care at all about a good voice! This talent show reflects what has always been my life: to look at a talent, see him/her perform, let the people feel good. They must be people who enjoy to perform and that make you feel good: this is the real talent”.

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