About us

Investo magazine is a sophisticated and elegant bimonthly magazine published in two languages that gives the reader an immediate overview on available investments in any possible market. Each issue contains articles with different and multiple topics in order to satisfy any possible investor need. Each member of our team has been selected according to his expertise acquired through experience in specific sectors. We have entrusted our magazine not to those who were able just “to write” an article but to the best expert journalists that, with a simple, straight but at the same time technically specific language, were able to suggest the best the reference market can offer. In our website (www.Investomagazine.Com) you can browse on our online version and download the entire magazine in order, for the all media system, to trace and identify brands and projects. In the same website, investors have a permanent exposure through banners linked to their website, through their dedicated page and during opening and closing of our video interviews. Investo magazine, besides having an official page in major social networks, has supported various events related to the world of finance, real-estate and life style, as well as multi-sector trade exhibitions. Editor in Chief: Andrea Costa Our journalists: Alessandro Meluzzi, Marco Sodano, Lodovico Poletto, Micaela Barisone, Massimiliano Sciullo, Pietro Genuardi, Valentina Polidori, Andrea Scarpetta, Marco Longhini, Elena Ferraro, Giorgio Tosetti Dardanelli, Milena Prisco.

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