Global Startup Expo | The Fair is on air

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The Global Startup Expo, , is the first on-line fair of the world dedicated to startups, from any category and any country. It will be held on November 19-20 2015 on the best virtual platform powered by Hyperfair. With an innovative e and interactive platform, the fair offers a unique experience for meeting startups, finding new ideas, investors, incubators, accelerators, institutions, press, professionals, coworking, crowdfunding and much more. Partecipants can chat, make a Skype call, exchange business cards and network between each other with colleagues from all over the world, collect brochures, attend presentations, from the comfort of their offices or houses without any travel expense.

The Global Startup Expo is organized by the team of Expo delle Startup, the largest event of startups ever held in Italy  and powered by Hyperfair, the leading company in the virtual fairs world based in Silicon Valley.

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