Sneakers: leisure wears the laces of gym shoes

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Abstract: this article is definitely, incontrovertibly, unquestionably autobiographical.

Some time ago, I found myself elaborating a consideration: what do women in career, general manager, the tigers of the world of the business, wear when they  bury the hatchet and devote themselves, body and soul, to their spare time?

Left the offices, planes and hotels, what do they wear for a weekend of total relaxation?

Pass the jeans and comfortable, soft, sbloused, shirts, both a must of weekends away from work, but on the feet, down from their timeless 12 heels, what do our ladies of the business wear?

The answer is simple, almost elementary: sneakers.

Those, notice, are not mere sneakers, but real glam shoes, disguised as timid gym shoes.

Isabel Marant, French fashion designer, has designed a model sported (and copied) worldwide, by models, blogger, fashionistas and women: hers legendary sneakers with the wedge inside.

A few inches of internal wedge, allow you to be comfortable, without giving up the little gain in height, and can be worn with leggings, jeggings and skinny jeans, giving an effect of sure appeal to the silhouette.

Total black or multicolor, in leather or suede, these sneakers have seduced and conquered thousands of women, and they continue to reap fashion victims in their spring version, in a mix of leather and fabric that allow feet perspiration.

Beautiful to look at, great to wear, the super top model Miranda Kerr features them in many nuances, as well as the Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni, that combines them both in a casual look as well as in a classic outfit.

Even the queen of American soul, the curvy Alicia Keys, has been seduced by these shoes, which help her to reconcile her career with her recent role as a mom, without being forced to sway, among baby bottles and diapers, on improbable heels.

But not only the brilliant Isabel Marant has created these wedge sneakers, but also an italian brand as Lemarè has undertaken the production of this footwear, so new, as popular.

Beautiful black & white version, or zebra with a red tone, or mottled with a splash of blue that the ‘ made in Italy ‘ brand proposes for spring/summer. With a more accessible of 190 euros price, compared to 500 euros of the Blink Wedge of Isabel Marant, you can show off a real trendy look.

The same goes for Ishikawa, strongly characterized by metallic colors, a stylized star that identifies the brand and the ad hoc worn sole that offers a definitely lived and exquisitely rock effect to these shoes.

Last, but not least, the low cost brand Primadonna, that proposes sneakers very similar to those of Isabel Marant, at a price of course content, and declined in the colors of beige, red, black and blue (remarkable for its originality, the latter tone).

Another genre of gym shoes, that emanate spring from each string, is that incredibly tasty, with para sole, strictly in floral print cotton.

Something along the lines of Flora from the maison Gucci, in fact, even the legendary Adidas Gazelle have been colored with summer flowers and fruits, as well as Vans with delicate flowers.

The All Star Converse deserve a separate consideration, from a brand for those who love to dress casual, which were fashioned without distorting the original model, but simply adding a para sole of few centimeters and floral motifs on canvas. The result? Spring, literally, at your feet.

The platform sneakers, moreover, unlike wedge sneakers, are ideal for those who do not have any confidence with the heels, but want to, however, earn a few centimeters in height. They are cool, young, fun, to be worn only with jeggings, leggings and skinny jeans.

If, then, you really want to impress your friends with a really striking look, Adidas will help you and, without a doubt, they will satisfy you: in the model Eagle Wings, they are equipped with real 3D, eccentric, colorful, leather wings.

They don’t have, unfortunately, a wedge, but, for sure, provide wings to your feet.

But Adidas does not stop here: from its production are too, in fact, the cutest sneakers of all collections that, instead of the tab, have the face of a smiling Mickey Mouse, completed with ears in three dimensions.

Fashion, therefore, meets the needs of those that, in their free time, don’t want hear about heels anymore and, indeed, with the help of a jaunty style, want to go back a few years.

To everyone, these shoes drop out the old cliché of sneakers designed purely for sport, and donate to our weekend an unquestionable glam style.

Furthermore, if even an icon of sensuality as Beyonce has them in her (let’s assume immense) walk-in closet, between breath taking stilettos and super-sexy bustiers, this will mean something.

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