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Needless to deny it: with the first cold, the women, of all ages, become real cats in boots.

Just a small breeze, a slight drizzle, a breath of wind a bit more supported and we are all already with cuff worn on calves.

They are low shot, to walk faster, with twelve heel,  like real feline, the boots  kidnap us and convince us to wear them at least until March (and it is not said: in fact, by a couple of years, summer footwear boots with perforated lids are storming, and so we can wear them even in the hottest season).

Born even in the Paleolithic, much loved by punks in the studded versions, widely used in military field, the boots are an unquestioned must have in every woman’s shoe cabinet.

Raise her hand, who, seeing, from the window of his home, a gray day and tending to rain, has singled out as her only, indestructible savior that pair of passepartout boots well kept in the closet.

The, while riding boots and those from fishing  get up above the knee, the classic ones, in vogue at the moment, ” for walking”, wear only the calf.

We are accustomed to models in leather, but, in last years, designers have surprised us with the use of materials, to say the least, curious.

John Galliano, known for his eccentricity, realized, for example, unique boots in transparent plexiglass, with plateau from the same material and coloured fur pon pon  on the front. Really extreme.

Inevitable, then, in the collection of a woman, and not just a teenager, the UGG boots, soft fur boots from Australia, now in all colors and, in some models, drawings, embroidery and even sequins.

No longer, therefore, only comfortable and warm boots, but also a trendy and fashionable shoe, to splurge in the evening.

Truly a phenomenon of costume, these UGGs, if Jimmy Choo, the undisputed goddess of the shoe, has decided to collaborate with this brand, creating his own warm fur booties, total black version with gold and silver studs.

Pointless, then, add with the spread in large-scale of leggings, boots have therefore increased exponentially their success.

Take off, then, at soft boots, with wide leg, in which you can insert leggings, completing the look with a soft, long shirt, perhaps refined with rhinestones and decorations.

Are many, then, the VIPs who have these shoes, often declined in fanciful shapes.

Historic were those worn by Anna Tatangelo, at the times when the beautiful singer of Sora was one of judges in the music talent X Factor: green, spotted, skin-tight garment under trousers in black leather and coordinated blouse, she really  looked like a dark Lady Tata.

And how can we forget those strips, wrapping and dizzy, flaunted by the sensual Belen Rodriguez, during one of his frequent sessions of milanese shopping?

High heels, stockings and shorts,  and black silk shirt, the argentine showgirl has not forgotten, with motherhood, what it means to be glamorous.

Trendy are those worn by supermodel Irina Shayk, in the type that has been swept up prizes this winter, the socket. Leather pants, soft wool shawl and booties sprung up (!), in fact, the beautiful Irina has no problems to choose from a wardrobe that is well, relying upon a physique simply statuary.

But even small, mignon, women can wear boots without deface, indeed.

Just think of the mini Venus Scarlett Johansson, photographed often with foot in her  faithful booties, or of a really skinny  Sienna Miller, who recently became mother and, however, does not give the girlish style, showing off the classic UGGs in his spare time.

The boots, you know, work out an evening, lift a classic outfit and give style and cm even to those who teeters on the decollete.

They arere comfortable shoes that, often, thanks to their design, contravene the rules of etiquette and they could quietly wear even at sunset, for an elegant dinner with a close-fitting dress.

And they are not only beautiful and comfortable, but they are also extremely sexy.

And, as before, these shoes were relegated to use by the army, now, there’s a new troop, all ready to wear them, the cats in boots: urban women with feline step.

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