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Massimo Sirelli was born in Catanzaro, in 1981. His first approach to visual arts was influenced during his teens, by graffiti and street art .

The perseverance and passion helped him to build in this field and “anonymous”  fame, confirmed by several international publications and interviews.

The writing helps him to filter the reality of every day under a new perspective: the street. His visual research, aiming to find new and unusual solutions, started as a child when he first used a spray and it is continuing today through different tools of expression.

Graduated in digital and visual art at the IED in Turin in 2003, he worked for some years as a freelance for prestigious communication agencies on projects for important national and international brands (Ferrero, Seven, Fiat, Rai Trade,, Sorin Biomedica, etc).
From 2006 Massimo Sirelli is Art Director-Founder of  Dimomedia creative art studio, creative lab of research and experimentation focused on graphics, communication and multimedia design.

His works has been published in important graphic design books: Tres Logos Gestalten, Los Logos 4 Gestalten, Los Logos Compass Gestalten, Tactile Gestalten, FlashFolios Tashen, Web Design Index PepinPress, Design Book of the Year etc etc
Since 2008 he teaches editorial graphics, portfolio and other courses related to graphic design and multimedia at the European Institute of Design in Turin (IED), in the departments of  Interior Design, Transportation Design, Fashion and Textile Design, Jewellery and Accessory Design, Car Design and Transportation Design – BYT.

When and how did you find out your passion for street art?

I was 14 years old and I had so many things to express… When I watched a move on TV about street art and such was the desire to put myself to the test with spray paints on a wall to affect my future. Graffiti saved my life, they gave me a path to follow and they became much more than a childhood passion.

What do you use to paint?

Over time my artistic career has taken always different turns. My artistic curiosity has brought me to experiment and try many different activities over time. I kept all these different paths connected to each other and one experience has contaminated the other. I started with markers and pencils on paper, then spray paints, industrial paints, stencil, then computer graphic and then back to spray paints, brushes and paints… I do not like to portrait myself as any of the artistic role I lived and I do not like to be constrained to a single technique or artistic role… the ideas and the needs to communicate through visual arts are my stock-in-trades.

How did you develop your technique?

Instinct and passion. Artists are like sponges: they absorb emotions from the outside word and they transforms these emotions into an artistic sign, whatever it is. I break out of the mould, instinct and freedom… Whatever I like to do, I’ll do it, many years of passion led to a creation of an iconographic language and to a personal feature that is always reflected in the different things I do.

Street art and graffiti belong to a multi-faceted world. How do you describe your personal style?
Contaminated? Yes, maybe it is. I do not think to have a defined style. It is not easy to look at yourself in the mirror. Maybe, who looks at my works from outside sees an identifying sign. I am an Art director therefore it is impossible for graphic, advertisement and social media not to influence my artistic production, and vice versa. My past as a writer and my years making graffiti are the foundation of my artistic career…. I did so many things and I will keep on doing them.

Today, in what does Massimo Sirelli want to invest for his future?

I realized over time that the greatest investment that an artist can do is to invest on “emotions”. Feeling any kinds of strong emotion is the lifeblood for any creative spark. Only though emotions I will keep creating my works.

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